The products, manufactured by Consolidated Penza Distilleries LLC, make a wide assortment portfolio including such brands as NEMIROFF, Golden Joker, Golden Rooster, Russian Peppers, Russian Reglament, Crimean Aelita, Monastic Old Timer, BOSTI, BELBOSCO, RegStaer’s, Two Geese, Mr.Craft, Export Style, Pulse UP, and many others.


The forerunners of modern brands, represented by Consolidated Penza Distilleries, are the products of GK Penzaspirtprom, such as the legendary bitters Golden Rooster, which became the hallmark of the Penza region, liqueur Golden Hen, vodkas Boyarin Naryshkin, Kuzmich, Stargorod, Evening Penza, Tarkhany, Buturlinsky Spring. To the present day, the company has been producing vodkas Lomovskaya and Kuznetskaya which took their names after the names of the towns, where the distilleries of the company are located.

Our production

At present Consolidated Penza Distilleries supplies its clients and customers with a wide range of vodkas, liquors, cocktails and soft drinks, both well-known and new ones.

Our partners

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  • Herb Honey Pepper "Russian Peppers"
    Due to its natural properties, selected forest cranberries completely "soften" the taste of alcohol. Sweet and sour, with a little bitterness, taste of ripe berries gives a vivid taste.