«We are always open for cooperation!»

Director General Consolidated Penza Distilleries LLC
Barbashov Igor Valentinovich

    Dear friends,
the time we live in is the time of modernization and high-tech. We are proud of the fact that under the challenging market conditions we win the trust of our partners and provide our consumers with high-quality domestic products. And this has become possible thanks to the staff of Consolidated Penza distilleries.

After all, our most precious asset is the people, dedicated employee family, reliable partners and suppliers. All those who on a daily basis and due to their devoted attitude help the company stay the course, and hold leading positions in the industry.

Today, we are the undisputed leader on the market of Penza. In difficult times of economic fluctuations, we prefer to provide a guarantee of quality instead of resting on our laurels. The company continues to expand, open up new avenues and create high-quality beverages.In today's economic environment we are focused on international business standards and continue to hold a rightful place in the industry of manufacturing of spirits and soft drinks in Russia.
We welcome all interested participants of the Russian and world markets!
We are focused on creating the most favorable conditions for joint activities with potential customers, partners, and direct investors.

If you know your goal – we’ll show you the way!
If you know your way – we’ll bring you to your goal FIRST!

Our production

Our partners

The range of our plants is very wide and includes
most popular brands of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages:
  • partner 5
  • parnter 3
  • Herb Honey Pepper "Russian Peppers"
    Due to its natural properties, selected forest cranberries completely "soften" the taste of alcohol. Sweet and sour, with a little bitterness, taste of ripe berries gives a vivid taste.

Our awards

Golden Medal "Best Vodka 2017"
Silver Medal "Best Vodka 2017"
Golden Medal "Best Vodka 2016"
Golden Medal "Best Vodka 2015"
Best Product "PRODEXPO 2013"
Best Product "PRODEXPO 2012"
Silver Medal "GOLDEN AUTUMN 2006"
Bronze Medal "PRODEXPO 2009"
Silver Medal "PRODEXPO 2009"
Bronze Medal "PRODEXPO 2009"
Golden Medal "PRODEXPO 2009"
Golden Medal "PRODEXPO 2009"
Golden Medal at Nizhegorodskaya Trade Fair
Silver Medal "GOLDEN AUTUMN 2007"
Golden Medal "GOLDEN AUTUMN 2007"
Golden Medal "GOLDEN AUTUMN 2006"
The exhibition "Regions of Russia-Jubilees 2001"