About the Distillery

After commissioning in December, 1946, Kuznetskiy Distillery was subordinate to various structures of the food and alcohol industry.


In 1992 it was privatized, transformed into a joint-stock company and joined the structure of OJSC PENZASPIRTPROM as its branch. In 1997-1998 the distillery was completely reconstructed: 3 new filling lines were put into operation; the latest production technologies were mastered. The established annual production capacity for alcoholic beverages and wine was 1 million 200 thousand decaliters.


In 2012-2013, 2019, the production base of the plant was significantly modernized, modern automated filling lines were installed, which made the products more higher quality and meeting all modern requirements.


The new production building was built in 2019, in which the new blending department was put into operation in 2023. The department has 21 tanks with a total capacity of more than 500 m3. The control of all technological processes is fully automated.


The products of our distillery are popular not only in the Penza region, but also throughout Russia and even abroad. The distillery is located on the territory of 18,418 m2, 4.7 km from the federal M5 Ural (Moscow-Chelyabinsk) highway, 120 km from the regional center, Penza city, and 760 km from Moscow, which provides convenient arrival and any vehicle accommodation for loading and unloading products.


The modern warehouse, equipped with a rack storage system, allows to place 4,083 pallets with finished products at a time.


Over the long years of its existence, our distillery has been awarded the highest awards and diplomas from various exhibitions, including international ones.