Lines Capacity

In 2020, an aluminum can filling line with a capacity of 40,000 can / hour by Krones (Germany), was retrofitted with 3 autoclaves of the “O. P. Panini" (Italy) for sterilization of drinks. The maximum sterilization temperature of 147 ° C ensures the complete destruction of all microorganisms, which allows the production of low acid drinks such as iced tea, iced coffee, carbonated milk drinks, drinks with a high content of juice and fruit pulp.


In 2020, an automatic line for dosing fruit pieces and fruit pulp into an aluminum can with a capacity of 43,200 can / hour by the world's leading company "Zilli & Bellini" (Italy) was commissioned.


In 3 quarter. 2020, a new line for filling beverages into a PET bottle with a capacity of 24,000 bottles/hour by Krones (Germany) was launched.


In 2021, a new PET bottle hot filling line for cold tea, cold coffee, juices, juice drinks with fruit pulp and aloe vera with a capacity of 12,000 bottles/hour by Krones (Germany) will be put into operation.