Types and Brands of Equipment at the Distillery

Our distillery is provided with innovative modern equipment, mainly of foreign production. Many of the machines are unique, since they have no Russian analogues and are installed in a single copy only at Consolidated Penza Distilleries. Thanks to this, the entire production process is automated, which allows the enterprise to significantly reduce the production time, reduce the cost, while increasing the quality of the product. 90% of the equipment installed at our distillery is fully designed by the largest world leader in the field of automation - the technological concern GEA (Germany).


Equipment Installed

In 2016, a production line was installed by the Italian company Bertolaso for producing sparkling drinks and ciders in glass bottles.


In the same year, our distillery launched a new high-tech complete production automated aseptic filling line by the world leader in food packaging solutions, the Swedish brand Tetra Pak.


The production boiler house was put into operation and the new steam generators, manufactured by Viessmann GmbH (Germany), the world's leading company, were installed in 2019.


The ultracooler, manufactured by TMCI Padovan S.p.A. (Italy), was put into operation.


The new filling line for a PET bottle with an output of 12,000 bottles per hour, manufactured by of Krones AG (Germany), has put into operation in October, 2022.


The Tetra Pak line installed at our distillery is a group of machines, designed for the production and preparation of packaging, filling and final packing of finished products.


The first unit in the sequential process is the high-tech in-line pasteurizer Tetra Therm Aseptic Drink 1A with an output of 7,700 l/h.


Packaging and filling are carried out with Tetra Pak A3 / Flex filling machine with an output of 7,000 cartons per hour. A group of automatic machines of various types, which are united by conveyors: the storage unit Helix 10, designed to operate as a buffer system, ensuring the uninterrupted process of the line; capping machine Cap 30 / Flex - a straight-line automatic line for sealing cartons; packing machine Cardboard Packer 32 - a device for sorting and packaging of finished products.


The main control center of the system is the Line Controller 30 Plus, which is a unit that controls the configuration of the packaging line and regulates the operation of the control software of the machines.


The distillery is also equipped with automatic filling machines Krones Isofill, produced by a recognized industry leader - the German company Krones. They quickly fill glass bottles with drinks. The Krones Variojet bottle rinsers guarantee crystal-clear glass bottles.


Labeling machines manufactured by Krones Multimodul (Germany) and Kosme (Italy) precisely and accurately apply up to six different labels to bottles and cans according to all customer's technical requirements.


Bottle and can control and rejection machines Krones Checkmat do not allow containers with even the smallest defects to enter the filling line, thus eliminating packaging defects by 100%.


The fully automated process of forming boxes on the equipment of the brands Siat (Italy) and Kosme (Italy) allows to achieve 85%-time savings compared to manual processes.


Capping machines by Arol (Germany) and Ferrum (Switzerland) are the leaders in the field of capping bottles with all types of caps, lids and corks.


The ideal wrapping of any cargo, even of irregular shape, with stretch film and its packaging on a pallet, is provided by the pallet formers Robopac (Italy) and Atlanta (Italy). The products packed with stretch film are protected from moisture, mechanical, atmospheric and other influences.


The uninterrupted production of PET bottles of the required size and volume is provided by the automatic hot molding machine A-4000 (Kropotkino, Russia).


The thermal packaging machine Turbopak-13-0 (St. Petersburg, Russia) will be able to protect the finished product and maintain its quality for a certain time. It will hermetically pack products in shrink film.