The ideal quality of beverages is provided by the certified production and technological laboratory which consists of 2 departments: physical-chemical and microbiological. Modern, high-precision equipment quickly measures and evaluates the quality of the beverages produced.


More than 17 items of new modern devices were purchased for our laboratory and putted into operation in 2014-2015. Among the laboratory equipment of the plant, the following items can be distinguished:

  • refractometer RX-5000alpha (Japan);
  • analyzer of liquid density DMA 4500 M (Japan);
  • combined meter Seven EasypH (Austria);
  • carbon dioxide tester Terriss (China);
  • refractometer PAL (Japan);
  • gas chromatograph Kristall 5000 (Russia);
  • special equipment only for canned beverages – enamel evaluator Emanel rater II and double seam quality tester (Rezak, Microseam software).

All rooms of the laboratory departments meet the sanitary-epidemiological and fire-prevention requirements, store the necessary reagents and materials hermetically. The laboratory staff includes highly qualified employees who are constantly improving the level of their professional knowledge.